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Sweetgrass Trails

Deeply rooted in Indigenous ways of being, Angie is a Cultural Wellness and Healing Practitioner drawing upon traditional and contemporary practices to facilitate spaces for transformative journeys toward healing, empowerment and flourishing.

“Sweetgrass Trails recognizes we are stronger together and we bring the same lens to the communities and people we work with.”

Angie Hutchinson

Our Approach

We use the same analogy as harvesting medicines.

Our Work

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Who We Are

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Our Approach

The Sweetgrass Trails model uses the same analogy as harvesting medicines. Incorporating all of the actions and elements that lead towards the final braid of Sweetgrass medicine, from going out onto the land, communicating with the land and the medicines, protocols of gathering, the sights, the smells, the sounds, all of these elements become part of that final braid.

Embedding this model into the work, Sweetgrass Trails recognizes we are stronger together and we bring the same lens to the communities and people we work with. We strive to work with communities and people in true collaboration blending both Indigenous and Western knowledge.

Our Work

Recognizing the interconnectedness of individuals, communities, and the environment our work focuses on addressing historical and ongoing traumas, building individual and community resilience, fostering healthy relationships, and empowering individuals and communities.

Individual and Community Wellness
  • Decolonizing approaches
  • Burnout and self-care
  • Mental health awareness
  • Trauma and compassion-informed care
Community Building and Relationships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • Interpersonal communication
Organizational Empowerment
  • Proposal Writing – consultation or development
  • Program development
  • Program reviews

Who We Are

Angie Hutchinson is a First Nation woman from the Misipawistik Cree Nation. Angie’s work has focused on gender equality, addressing exploitation and violence against women, relationship building, and improving the economic, legal, social and health status of Indigenous women and their families.

Angie approaches her work with a culturally appropriate, trauma and compassionate informed understanding, creating space for both Indigenous and Western knowledge.

Extensive experience working with all levels of government (First Nations, municipal, provincial, and federal), family violence, trauma and crisis response, mental health, suicide prevention, and engaging youth.

Working from the heart, Angie creates a space of inclusion and trust to foster natural connections and collaboration to produce results of those she works with.

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